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Importer of Tobacco Products. (Search)

law requires that everyone who intends to import tobacco products that are not for their personal use or consumption must first obtain a permit from TTB.
To apply for a permit, you must complete the forms and other required documentation in the online application packet and return them to the TTB National Revenue Center.
If you have questions, call us at 513-684-7150 or 1-877-882-3277.

Getting Started
Read the brief introductory
Information Letter in the permit application packet before you begin to fill out the required forms. This letter describes TTB’s requirements for
importing into the United States tobacco products manufactured in a foreign country, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands, and provides a printable checklist so you can track the
steps of the application process as they are completed.
Importer of Tobacco Products Permit Application Packet.
Importer of Processed Tobacco Application Packet.

More information is available at:
Permit Application Q&A.
Tobacco Importer Regulations.

Requirements for commercial imports of tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, etc.

From California State Board of Equalization:
Cigarette & Tobacco Products Licensing Act of 2003.